Our Philosphy

We believe that music is the heart to any child's education. All children are capable of learning music, regardless of social/economic status, talent, or race/ethnicity. Music inherently helps children grow academically, socially, and emotionally through discipline, teamwork, and enjoyment. Through music, children are better able to connect to the world around them and to others. Music is the heartbeat of learning.

What We Strive For


At PS/Ms 84, we strive to help our students be the best they can be. Through musical learning, we are helping students be socially, emotionally, and academically ready for the future. Whether it be learning basic musical concepts in general music class, performing in the musical, or being a part of the band, all children at PS/MS 84 are able to achieve greatness in music class.

Parental Involvement


Parents are welcome to be involved in the music department. We are always looking for volunteers to help with the musical, chaperones for field trips, setting up and taking down decorations for concerts, and being there to help your child expand their musical learning. Parental support is key to helping our community grow and out students thrive. Please contact Mrs. Gonzalez or Mr. Licari if you would like to be more involved with the music department.